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Wiki User It would usually represent that your child has been through so many horrible things you may not know about. To get rid of dreams like this you should always talk to your child about this and the problems she has.

Then i am certain you will not have any more crazy dreams like that. Probably if you have a child it is because you worry about them. If you don't, then you are just having a nightmare. Asked in Dreams and Dream Interpretation What does it mean to dream about falling elevators?

This is a variation on the Falling Dream, and suggests feelings of being out of control. Asked in Dreams and Dream Interpretation What does it mean if you dream about falling? Falling can merely represent "falling" asleep, or it can mean feeling totally out of control in some area of life. Asked in Dreams and Dream Interpretation What does it mean when you dream of protecting your child?

It means you are protecting your child from danger in your dream. Asked in Dreams and Dream Interpretation What does it mean when you dream falling from the sky?The dreams below, organized from younger to older children, all involve kids falling. It seems that when we fall asleep it is common to have the sensation of lightness or floating.

Some anthropologists have theorized that our feelings of sinking and of flying may have lead to our mythical ideas about heaven and hell or higher and lower realms. Perhaps our life experiences, our fears and our wounds mingle with our love and our wishes to keep our children safe and sometimes result in nightmares.

Maybe these dreams, as bad as they are when we have them, are a way that our deeper or unconscious self tries to work things out. Missy February 8, at am [ edit ]. I have had the same dreams since my twin boys were born!!!! They are nine months old now, and I still suffer from them.

Basically, there will some sort of scenario where I either lose them or one or more often, one child falls. Please help!!!!!!!! Bruce February 8, at am [ edit ]. If you read through other dreams above you will see a lot of falling dreams. One way to see it is that the sensation of weightlessness is generated by the brain and the story we make up tries to explain the sensation. Hence your fear that they will get into trouble by climbing.

Deeper still, might be the idea that when you have tried to do things, or take risks or be great you have been hurt by negative critical voices, or worse yet, not being validated or acknowledged. Tabitha June 16, at am [ edit ].

Child - Dream meaning and symbolism

I had a dream that myself, my 1 year old daughter and my 20 year old niece was sitting on a what seemed to be a bridge overpass with a lot trees under it. I have no idea how we got there and why we were on the bridge in the first place but 1 year old and niece were playing and all of a sudden my 1 year old decides to grab onto the guard railings and put her foot between them.

Bruce June 16, at am [ edit ]. While I cannot be definitive on what this means to you personally, I can share some ideas and hope it proves useful.I do not always have the same dream but it is always the same theme. I always dream I am falling into oceans or deep bodies of water. I always know before I fall that I am going to fall.

In my dreams I replay the moment right before I fall over and over again so that I can avoid falling, but I always fall. I usually am in a car although I have sometimes just appeared in the middle of deep water.

As a result of these dreams I am developing a deep fear of water. I have been having these dreams since I can remember as a child but in the past few years they have taken their toll on me.

I think it could be many possibilities. One, past life experience. Two, fear of failing or an unconscious feeling of current failure. I do not have any mood disorders, or any that have been diagnosed. Please help. I would like to enjoy the beach again, and be able to go swimming or driving near water.

dream of child falling into well

I agree that this is a crisis situation! Falling dreams usually indicate uncertainty in our lives. Judging by your dream report, it appears there may be enough uncertainty in your life about the future to explain these dreams, without having to concern yourself with past life experiences.

dream of child falling into well

Specifically, you inform us that currently you are separated from your husband. Separation, as you know, is an incomplete status. Your personal life is on hold. Water in dreams is a consistent symbol for emotions. Instead of thinking literally about this recurring symbol, may I suggest that you begin to think metaphorically?

It appears you have already noticed a correlation between the frequency of these dreams and periods of instability in your waking life occasionally in childhood, and now more recently, during this difficult period of separation.

Next time you have a falling dream, recognize it as a sign that you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed. The more control you assert over your future, the sooner these dreams will vanish.

Then it will be time for a relaxing, and well-deserved, swim at the beach.Everbody had a dream. For most people, dream of child falling into well is a general vision and so sometimes we don't pay attention. Meanwhile, for some others, dream of child falling into well as a symbol that an event will come.

That's why we always look for dream dictionary to find the meaning. Your vision about dream of child falling into well can be a fact, though it would bring nightmare affects your everyday life. It's all depending that your dreams have a good point or bad meaning. In ancient age in the past, dream of child falling into well always related to the supernatural phenomenon. God and demon appear in this world.

When dream of child falling into well as a pretty vision that is defined as the presence of God, meanwhile, dream of child falling into well becomes a nightmare and then it's a sign of the evil spirits or heavy demons when we slept. Nowaday, we can put these dreams into 2 major parts, 1 dreams related to the past and present, and 2 dreams related to the future. Explanation dream of child falling into well on this site may be a reflection of your life, it can also be something about your past life.

So, actually you just waste time if you llok for your dream because of the relationship with the previous act. Furthermore, we continue to think that everything is in the hands of Lord. Use the definition of dream of child falling into well just as a consideration in life, not as an indisputable absolute source.

By thinking positive even though dream of child falling into well will give the courage that God knows what is best for you. In any case, you should not forget the spirit of Lord with dream of child falling into well experiences and other things in your activities.

If our dreams were meaningful, it may becomes a reality, and if that's a nightmare, just pray. Related Dreams.By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies.

You can find out more by following this link. There is no doubt about the fact that this is an upsetting dream and can play on your mind the next day.

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In fact, I have woken up from having this dream in order to write this meaning because it has disturbed me. I think this is a parent's worse nightmare, I could not imagine having to deal with this in reality. Luckily, I have been studying dreams for 20 years and I will take you through this meaning in detail so you can gain some clarity.

The details are important in this dream and also if anyone else was involved in your son drowning, such as your sons father.

The dream may demonstrate a specific theme or be different each time, still showing the emphasis on your son drowning or about to drown. These types of dreams mean different things but we need to recognize the element of water here. Water in dreams is connected to your emotions and how you communicate and interact with people.

dream of child falling into well

I am Flo and please scroll down to find your dream. What does it mean to dream of your son drowning? The water as a symbolism of your unconscious mind. If you rescued your son from drowning there may be an aspect of your life, where you have been neglecting your son or not spending enough time on his needs.

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By rescuing your son from the water, consequently so he is not drowning could be an expression that you are not spending enough time and attention on his needs. Seeing your partner trying to rescue your son indicates that you are dealing with emotions in regard to him. I know that your son might have appeared in the dream but your son could be a reflection your inner child. Therefore, to see your husband playing a part in the drowning could be how you are feeling about him.

Being angry with your partner in the dream could be an expression of how you are feeling about him at the moment. To see your son swimming in cold water without a lifejacket could indicate that you are feeling a failure in life and you have to fight for survival. In real life studies have shown drowning due to cold water is common. To dream of your son falling from a boat in a dream can symbolize something elusive, such as gaining a solution to a problem concerning your son.

Dreaming of your son falling into the ocean can suggest that you need to explore your deep emotions. In dreams, we often project our own life and after even after having a shocking dream such as this we can understand our own distress in life. Cultural and social expectations on gender roles indicate that Mothers are essentially in charge of the well-being of their sons.

For example, in Seattle, most mothers that attended water safety groups were not exclusive swimmers and had little experience. While researching this dream meaning I also read that some Bangladesh women are prohibited from rescuing their children as there is folklore that says that their children will die if the mother touches them. This could delay rescue as how quickly submersion results in death.

Additionally, the community will not help the child if the community believes that the mother touched the child. There has also been scientific research into the fact that their is increased drowning of older parents.

Survival of your son is primarily an indication that things will turn out well in the end! What does it mean to dream of your son drowning then dying? For your son to die due to drowning in the tree indicates this is a projection of the child. It can obviously create strong emotions and grief and loss can inject into your mind even after littering. The most important takeaway history that you remain balanced.

Balance is quite interesting in the stream as the water everything. The drink interpreted you needing physical closeness with your son, such as cuddling or helping him through anxieties, in order to make your son feel attached and comfortable. What does it mean to see your son drowning but he was rescued?

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Dreams about your son almost drowning can relate to our fears in life. I honestly believe that this dream is connected to our emotions which I have covered in detail above.Below you will find a thread of dreams from youngest to older children involving water and drowning. This is the most common category of nightmares I have received from parents so at the very least you are not alone in this nightmare. Some theories of dreaming include the notion that our brains naturally experience a sinking feeling in our sleep and perhaps we create a water scenario to explain our experience to ourselves.

Beyond the science of dreaming we might then delve into the art of interpretation, with water itself being an apt symbol of our own unconscious…. Erika February 8, at am [ edit ]. My most recent dream was last night and I was on some beach with cliffs and an a walkway.

I was the guide to help people cross the part of the beach where it was dangerous. The waves would come in small but out of no where come in huge and engulf that whole section. It was like a bowl sort of. I started walking with my son in my arms an we got across an into this cave. We were safe and out of nowhere the cave entrance started to fill up with water. I looked at my son an he began crying I tried to swim up but we got surrounded with water.

As the cave was filling to the top I could see my son face underwater screaming an then starting to go limp so I began to suck air into him an take the water out even though we were both submerged.

Any insight would be appreciated this is the fourth dream that has dealt with water. Thank you. Bruce February 8, at am [ edit ]. I am sorry you are having these nightmares, however, I thank you for sharing them with me.

After reading so many of these, combined with my years of clinical work, perhaps some patterns are emerging, at least to me. It seems the most common dreams have water and drowning or else falling and flying. You are having both. The sensations of falling or weightlessness, as well as dropping down, going deep or drowning, seem to be naturally generated by the brain.

In ancient times the visionaries, or shamans, saw the universe as having three levels: upper the spirit world, flying ; normal waking reality ; and lower the underworld, drowning, hellish experience. In seeking rational AND compassionate understanding, perhaps the brain generates sensations and then the mind makes up stories to make sense of the sensations.

Vaguely knowing that you are not actually drowning, but feeling like you are, your mind comes up with stories to make sense of the sensations. And while there may be no actual danger to you or your baby, the WAY the mind makes a story offers possible insights into your worries and fears. My first question might be about what life was like when you were newly born and particularly around four months.

Did your mom have an illness, a post-partum depression, did her mom get sick or die? The imagery of you crossing a narrow cliff between water and land could symbolize that liminal space between inner and outer reality, the place where dreams as well as myth, art, religion and mysticism happen. You cast yourself as guide and protector, but perhaps when you were a baby you needed a guide and protector. Perhaps you felt like you were drowning in infancy did you struggle with asthma, pneumonia, a bad-bathtub experience?

You may not have access to conscious memory about your early infancy, however you may carry the tracings of trauma. You might have some wish to return to the womb a cave filled with water and have life breath spirit breathed into you by the Mother you have now become.

Maybe this dream is about healing some deep wounds of the past, about dying as the mother you once had to be born again as the child you now have, your ego-self serving as conduit between selves, states of mind, states of consciousness? Know that these are symbols, not predictions of disaster. They are, if not random, more likely to be ways of remembering past trauma than crystal balls into pending doom. Jessica March 23, at am [ edit ].I had a dream last night that I was talking to my mom near a pond.

A minute later, I realized that my 2 year old daughter wasn't around. I started screaming for her, but she wouldn't answer. I jumped into the pond and saw her floating near the bottom looking at me. I grabbed her and brought her to the top. I laid her in the grass and started pushing on her belly to get the water out of her lungs. She was completely fine after that.

Dreams About Drowning Son

This is the second time I've dreamed of saving my daughter from drowning. Why do I keep dreaming about this? It's horrifying! Talking to your Mom near a pond indicates a general peaceful nature and your Mom would indicate wisdom. Your daughter indicates immaturity allowing itself to be overwhelmed or drowning in emotion.

Diving into the water and pulling your daughter out indicates that by taking charge and being more in control of yourself and your immaturity you can breathe new life into different situations.

To see someone drowning in your dream, suggests that you are becoming too deeply involved in something that is beyond your control. Alternatively, it represents a sense of loss in your own identity. You are unable to differentiate who you are anymore. To dream that you rescue someone from drowning, indicates that you have successfully acknowledged certain emotions and characteristics that is symbolized by the drowning victim. Perhaps you have a decision to make and you feel like it is a bit risky or there is much unknown.

Water is the symbol of emotions; jumping off a cliff would be taking a risk and going into the unknown. Flying could indicate a substantial amount of success can be gained by taking the risk.

Dreams About Drowning Son

Dreaming of someone draining could symbolize some helplessness in you. You may be feeling that there is a need to give full attention to your daughter. Somehow, in your subconscious mind, you don't feel what you have done is enough. Projecting saving her afterwards suggests that you subconsciously feel guilty about things you have done, but you wanted to make it up somehow. Since this is recurring dream, it may reflect some insecurity around you.

Examine your life lately whether it is financial situation or any stressful situation, they may trigger the dream. Water in dreams signifys emotions, the fact that you keep rescuing your daughter suggests you are worried about your daughter and fear for her. It is a common theme with parents.

It also suggests that you have to let go, to not be so controlling and to allow your child to fall now and then.

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As parents we can be far too protective and not allow our children to grow and learn on their own. Answer Save. Slimsmom Lv 6.

Favorite Answer. The dream is telling you to control over-emotionalism and immaturity. Falling Into Water Dream.